Monday, July 20, 2009

And the house...

Is very slowly coming together. I am on the wrong computer to add pictures but once all is done I shall post the finalized room shots for everyone to see. Color has been a challenge but once my ideas are finished it has turned out very well.

Sam is adjusting well and feeling secure enough to hug me. He surprised me the other day by calling myself Mom. I was comfortable with it, but uncomfortable at the same time. It felt good because I know he was showing me a level of affection. But at the same time I had to explain to him that I was not there to replace his Mother for him, but to make sure I made up for the things she did not. It was my job to make sure he could secure a future for himself and move forward to college. To make sure he didn't drop out of school. To give him a chance at a real life.

He really is a good kid, but he is challenged to say the least. He has a Third Grade reading level and a Second Grade math level. How he has made it to the Ninth grade is truly beyond my comprehension. But Jim and I will do what it takes to help him along. That's why we took him in. He is a smart kid, just not so good at putting it on paper.

Squeaky is growing amazingly fast. And fearless as all get out! Well, fearless of everything but the vacuum. Imagine this..Fresh out of the bath tub and Dad turns on the vacuum while while I am dressing midget. Before I can lift his butt to put the diaper on he is out the door with his bare ass and down the hall. Right into the closet where he thinks he will be safe. Dad vacuumed past the closet and peeked in to see him crying. So I did the right thing and just crawled into the closet with Squeaky. So there we are in the darkness watching the vacuum go back and forth when it starts to come towards us..Wow..That kid can climb. Right up onto my shoulders. He didn't care what he grabbed or put his feet on..UP was the answer!!

I spoke with Chase for a little bit earlier tonight and he is way ready to come home. He is tired of sharing everything. He is tired of always being in trouble. He is tired of not spending time with Dad again. He is sick of the girlfriend who whines all the time. He is ready to be home with HIS brother and cousin and Mom and Dad. His words.

OK, I need to get some sleep so I can paint the upstairs bathroom tomorrow morning and the kitchen and hallway tomorrow.

Night all!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just a quickie..

To let everyone know that we are in our new home. All the papers have been signed and we make our first mortgage payment on the 5th of August. It's cheaper than the rent I was paying in CT, that's for sure. Sam is with us. He's a great kid but we got some serious work to do with him. Common sense stuff mostly. I'll go more into that later as well.

For now I need to get ready so we can go to Home Depot when the hubby gets home. Laters!