Monday, June 30, 2014

Been a long time...

Wow..where to start? A PCS (military move for the family), a divorce and remarriage on both parts, how big the boys have gotten over the last few years, and who I have become. Jim and I have since divorced, but are doing wonderful at making sure midget is cared for. I feel that he is more willing to work with me after spending 7 years watching the crap I went through for the oldest on a day-to-day basis. Yes, I still deal with it, but as the oldest grows he is seeing everything first hand for himself (without my saying a word as that's not my place). It is still a huge struggle for me though as I am starting to feel the "teenage drift" as he gets older and wants to be more independent. I will continue to work everyday to make him a good, strong candidate for the future but darn, I just wish he would remember to text me back once in awhile.

The little one is 6 now (I know! Where has the time gone?!?) and he makes me laugh everyday also. Right now, he is in Kansas with his father and family. Yes, the ex moved the new family into the house he bought for So much more to that story indeed... He is quite an avid sportsman (football, baseball, soccer, bowling...) and just loves his video games so we restrict that as much as possible. As for the age difference I was so worried about? They get along quite well, and the little one is trying a bit too much to become older than he should be.

Jack, my amazing Jack..has come back into our lives but for permanent now. He and I were married April 7, 2012 and it's been wonderful since. His mother Janet recently visited for the first time and since I'm blogging I suppose its safe to say she liked me. At least that's what Jack keeps telling me. We shall see in about 10 years how she really feels.

As for me right now, I am struggling inside from an unhappiness I don't understand in the slightest. I have two amazing sons, a fantastic husband, a wonderful job that I love, a home, and a slightly spoiled cat and dog as well. However, I struggle with the things I can't control and it has me worried, well ok..I worry anyway thanks to my Mothers genes. We are a bit under the bills world right now, and I'm very unhappy with my weight but I just don't have the motivation to get it done. I'm so busy and finicky with the kids and getting their stuff done..and with the husband and getting his promotion and college done (did I mention I graduated college? First one in my family!!) that I don't always have time for me. I'm falling behind on my wifely duties as well and if someone were to sneak in here I'm sure they would be able to get a foot in the door. Maybe it's time to revisit the Dr and see if I need to be put back on my little antidepressant dosage? I don't know..I'll visit this thought process in a week or so.

As for now, I need to get showered and get to the oldest boys school to get him registered for Soccer. As well as a few other things on my to-do list. Thank you old, reliable blog for letting me vent yet again.