Thursday, August 5, 2010


It is difficult to believe that my oldest Chase, is about to enter the Fourth Grade. Where has the time gone? How has it disappeared so fast? Was I not just potty training him yesterday? It makes me sad, but it also amazes me. He is turning into such a strong, intelligent young man, and it is happening right before my eyes.

And the littlest one..Sebastian. What can I say? He is adorable, a tank of muscle, and though he doesn't speak much..He gets his point across rather intelligibly. These boys amaze me everyday. And each day I am speechless with something they say or do.

I will be starting my classes again on August 19th. Am I looking forward to it? Absolutely!! This will be my last term of prerequisites before I can start my Mortuary Science program. And I am so thrilled about this!! It's finally all falling into perspective. After two terms of Honor Roll so far, I am ready to make a final Honor Roll this term. My classes will be the most difficult I have taken thus far: Human Anatomy & Lab, Small Business Management, The Greiving Process, and Composition 2. I see myself writing a lot of papers, and doing a lot of reading.

And after spending $593.00 on the purchase of four textbooks..I have already started reading.

Time to go feed my boys, do the last of the laundry, and wait for Sebastians speech therapist to come over so I will return later to write.