Sunday, June 21, 2009

Down on Munchkin Alley...

I thought I would humor everyone with the fact that we are staying in the Lion Cabin. Which sits on the corner of Munchkin Alley and Yellow Brick Road. It's cool because the Scarecrow and Toto cabins are next to us and Dorothy along with the Witch is down the street. Hehe. The whole start to this trip was on Oz Avenue. As I'm sitting here I am slowly trying to load up a few of the pictures I have taken. Just a few pictures of Jim coming home. I was too busy hugging my husband to take pictures, sorry.

I also took some pictures around here in Kansas that I have seen. It's almost like a small step back into time. We almost drove threw a red light this morning because it was across the street and on the corner. I didn't recognize it until the last minute. It was rather humorous once we got past the reality of what it was.

We have Sammy now with us. He's a good kid but there are a few small things that we will need to work on. He almost acts as though he has to prove himself to us. Which he doesn't. We love him for who he is, and understand he has been through a rough haul. He has shared some things with us that his mother has done in the past and various other adults in his life. Yes. There are some adults out there that should be ashamed of themselves. For simply taking advantage of a child. What is your problem? Get a brain and grow up. Shame Shame Shame.

But now Sammy is with us and we will do our best to make sure he is taken care of. But for now we shall tackle the small stuff and help him adjust.

OK, it's time for all of us to get some sleep because it's going to be a VERY long day tomorrow!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fireflies, long drives and sleep deprivation..

All of those things oddly enough are pretty thrilling to me right now. As we sit here at the little picnic table in Lawrence Kansas I see for the first time in my life fireflies. At first it really caught me off guard. And now I am just tickled pink as I look across into the field and see about 20 or so flickering their mighty butts at me. Odd that something that small can just tickle me pink.

The drive to Kansas started out pretty fast but slowed towards the end. Irony is that we drove through New York and Pennsylvania missing the tolls. But once we got into Kansas and within the last 30 minutes of our drive..I'll be damned if we didn't end up on a toll road of all things. Yes, Jim and I got a good chuckle out of that! But we made it to the KOA *his first stay at one* and hit the local Walmart to better prepare us for our weekend stay here. It's quiet with the exception of the occasional train whistle and the 3 trillion crickets hiding out around us. Those crickets are probably encouraging the massive amounts of little flickering butts right now.

We had some laughs, saw some beautiful sights and ironed out a few small issues but are eagerly awaiting Monday to sign for our very own home. That's going to be nice to get into. YAY!

I will write more later, but for now I think I am going to go take a peek at those fireflies a little closer and then get some sleep.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

He's Home!

YAY!!! Yes, my husband is finally home! I'm so thrilled and yet the exhaustion has set in. I can truly say that I am a survivor at this point. I figured it out that minus the 10ish days Jim was home for Squeaky's birth..I haven't seen Jim for about 618 days. But he is home now and we are moving forward with our plans. First thing to tackle is getting the house packed and loaded. That will take today and tomorrow. And then visiting with everyone. I think it best if people come to us, but hey..Who knows.

So I won't be blogging for a little while until we get things settled into the new house. The Internet and phone should be shut off sometime today or tomorrow. But they will be packing all of our stuff today and then loading it all tomorrow.

Right now I am going to get off here so we can wait until the packers get here.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Now what?

We have had a small set back with getting Sammy. Apparently too many people are in too many counties within the State of Wisconsin so we have to wait until we are physically in Kansas to start the guardianship paperwork. So I have a call into legal there in Leavenworth, we have an appointment on the 24Th and I'll do what I do best..Research on the Internet.

We also have the pre-move inspection on Friday. They will be here about 1300 to look over everything and determine whether they need to come in a day early to pack up everything or if they can do it all in one day.

I've been keeping myself busy. Today Squeaky got his 15 month shots and I tell you what..EVERYONE within a 5 mile radius knew he was pissed! But I will also share in the same breath with you that I found humor in Squeaky.

Jim was concerned at one point with Squeaky looking like him because I guess he had an awkward child hood. There is no fears here, trust me. He may look like Jim but that child is all my personality and then some. Which could be good. Or perhaps bad.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Crabby Baby and the Horrible Day...

Man, I have been neglectful of my blog and fans..Sorry people!

Things have been moving along so fast lately I can't seem to keep up. And when I can keep up I'm too exhausted to write. I have been going through each of the rooms and cleaning out stuff that is not needed or just general dust and icky. I will again reiterate how much *crap* a person can collect when they don't pay attention.

Yesterday I utterly tortured the baby out of pure amusement! He made a mess on the floor with his rice chex, so I dug out the vacuum. He curiously watched as I unwound the cord and plugged it in behind his high chair. I then turned my back on him and the high chair so I could vacuum in front of the couch where his mess was. While vacuuming I heard Squeaky laughing his butt off and felt some tugging. I turned to see him shaking the cord back and forth and laughing like an adorable little gargoyle! But when I turned, the vacuum was suddenly pointing towards him. He didn't like that and started running as he turned..RIGHT into the wall. He missed the doorway by about 4 inches. And I got my laugh.

It was really funny the first time, but about the 7th smack into the wall I was in tears. Because each time I would turn around and vacuum in front of the couch he would be laughing again and shaking the cord to the vacuum. And when I would turn the vacuum in his direction his little feet and legs would operate before his sense of direction! And he could be directly in front of the door and STILL hit the wall! It was great!

However, he got his revenge this morning for sure. I went into the kitchen and made his bowl of cereal. When I came into the living room he was smack on top of my table. So in the time it took me to set him on the floor and tuck in the bench he climbed up on..He decided that my cell phone needed a bath. Ploop! Into the coffee cup it went. Now the phone sat in a bag of white rice all morning and did manage to dry out. But the coffee make it's danger known and off we went to Sprint to replace my phone.

We are discontinuing with Sprint once we get to Kansas. Going with another company called Cricket Wireless, so I asked the lady there is they had any refurbished phones that could get me through until October. Oh, they had one. A pink, pearly chick phone. Yech. It was only 20 dollars with the charger so I am not complaining. But I won't be letting anyone see it if I don't have to. Because it is indeed something people would laugh at me for. And I'll tell you what..Who ever had the phone before me was not at all nice to it. It's all knicked and beaten up. But it works. Well, everything but the charger worked.

So when I got home I called and let them know the charger was not working right. So they said come on back and we will find you a charger at no cost. And off we went back to the store. Off the exit at 97 to the corner. Look left, look right, inch forward. Look left, look right, inch forward. Look left, look right..Sudden Stop. Look directly in front of me and HOLY SHIT..There's a Toyota Prius right there. Now, I calmly put my car in park. And step out. I'm in complete fear at this moment that I hit this little car hard enough to set off the air bags. But apparently I didn't because they driver got out unscathed with a big smile on her face.

It was Adele. I could have just screamed! Not only did I completely rear end this woman, BUT I TOTALLY KNEW HER! Her and I were in the positive parenting class together. I couldn't freaking get over it! And I told her that I looked left and right but somehow in the process missed her entire damn car. Which in turn made her laugh even more! Luckily there was no damage to either of our cars. And Adele started to laugh and said..I'm taking the class with Ruth again..I'll tell her I ran into you..which in turn made me laugh some more.

So we went our separate ways. And I shook the rest of the way to the Sprint store and home. Where I have gone no where near my car for fear of breaking something else.

OK, bath time for Squeaky. And almost less than a week until Jim comes home.