Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wedding Ring

For millions of years, people showed their devotion for one another with a variety of trinkets. Rough, twisted reeds braided into bands for the fingers and wrists. Strong, colorfully stained papyrus bent into multiple circles and strung together to make chains for the neck and ankles . Only one style of trinket has stood the test of time to show eternal devotion between a man and a woman. With the belief that the vein in the left hand ring finger travels directly to the heart, a simple gold band with a few sparkly diamonds holds eternity in one circular motion.

Everyday the right hand awakes early and travels across a warm expanse to seek out the small round piece of metal that encompasses the tanned left ring finger. Should one remove this simple piece of gold, one would find an empty, white indention within the skin that screams to have its ring put back into place. The simple gold sliver is not very big size-wise, only a sever; however, it is thick in width. There are two simple gold bands connected together, each with special meaning. There is no smell to this ring. There is no taste to it either. And the only sound it will make is, if dropped, a small tinkle sound.

The first little sphere is simply just that, a sphere. Gifted upon the heart finger on July 22, 2005, the little sphere has only departed its roost once. That simple little band will always be the closest to the heart until death do we part. The second small band, which is connected, carries the half carat diamond that quite often captures the eyes of onlookers. With brilliance, the cut of this little heart conquers every ounce of light and sparkles with zest until the darkness engulfs the world nightly. Five little points of gold hold it in place, but do not detract from its beauty in any way. Carefully place on each side, the brilliance is enhanced by four little diamond baguettes that glitter as much as the heart shimmers.

This little gold band encircles not only the finger, but reminds the heart of a special day filled with love and warmth. It is a symbol of dedication between a man and a woman which will last until the final breath of either is drawn. Through all good things, and even the bad that has been handed to this couple within life, this simple little band will direct them down the path towards the right direction.

There are millions of rings that symbolize love to many couples and relationships. Some women have diamonds so large that one can only wonder how these women still walk upright. Others have no diamonds at all, only the simple golden band encircling their finger. And despite these choices, the one that encircles the heart finger connected to this heart will withstand all the trials of time. And someday, this little gold band will be passed on to someone else who will cherish its meaning and dedications until death do they part as well.

Monday, October 12, 2009

So much...

To do, yet I am unsure where exactly to start? I feel as though I am slacking with my family duties. I feel as though I am slacking with my friends. I also feel as though my relationship with my husband is falling through the cracks. And yet I pursue my potential degree. My house is cluttered. My children are fed, clothed and happy...but how much do they miss of thier mother since she is so busy doing school work all the time? Is my sacrifice beneficial to my children now?