Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time is moving..

Either too slowly, or just too fast. I am unsure which is the correct statement at this point in my life. I am trying to get to through this term, but it's proving to be tougher than I thought it would be. Life at home is up and down to say the least, and I work with a therapist to better conquer that aspect. I watch the boys closely, but I also find myself escaping by going to friends houses and what not to avoid conflict as much as possible. I will usually leave after the boys are in bed, but there are exceptions to every rule. If it means there will be no conflict for the boys, I will leave to friends houses. I have made an amazing group of people that I hang out with here. My boys are always welcome at other's homes as well.

School is going well, just a lot of information to suck in. I am trying my best to study as much as possible but the stress level here in the house makes it difficult on most days. I keep reminding myself to keep my head in the game, study, make the future stronger for the boys. I also remind myself that the stress won't last forever, and I move myself forward accordingly.