Monday, September 21, 2009

And here we go~

Things have changed a lot since my last blog. Sam is coming around slowly and is understanding that he won't be going anywhere else. He is acknowledging that Jim and I are now his parents. And he is learning that it is OK for him to be angry with his mother for what he has been through. All in all, things are slowly working their way upwards.

Chase is working on moving forward with things as well. He really does not want to go to his father's house. But because he is flying back with Grandma Meston, he is willing to go out there to spend time with her. He disapproves of his father's girlfriend, but knows that his father will not listen to him. It is still a sad situation.

Our attorney is Oregon is reviewing some documentation that we sent him. Basically, we have asked my ex spouse to drop his insurance on Chase as it is useless to us. It is also causing conflict with our insurance. So because of all the conflict, Chase has no insurance right now. What do we need to resolve this? A letter from the ex's job stating that his insurance no longer is carrying Chase. And then we can re-enroll Chase with Tricare Prime and he will be fully insured after that. What's causing the conflict? Seriously, the ex does not want to pay the $128.00 fee to the courts. I paid for all the paperwork to be written up and submitted, so it would only be fair for him to pay the court fee, right? Well, the way I am seeing things is that the court fee is going to eventually cost him about $1500 after my attorney is done. But such is his ignorance.

OK, right now I am going to scoot. I think I will work on my homework for Saturday class and then finish retyping my Illustration Essay.

Night all.

BTW..I am taking 4 classes at this time, and I have 4 A's. I'm feeling very proud of myself.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to move forward?

How do you assist a 15 year old child with learning that his past is just that, his past? How do you teach him that he can no longer just skate through life? That he can no longer run the show and be the boss of the house? How does one teach a child to be a child and learn from his mistakes?

These are all things that Jim and I are really battling right now. REALLY battling! He is failing 5 of his 7 classes right now. He does no homework. He argues with the teachers. He thinks that he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants. Am I frustrated? Yes. Very frustrated! Almost ready to scream frustrated.

Jim and I have decided at this point that we are going to retract our offers of assisting him with getting his license and a car. We really feel like we have no choice in the matter right now. He doesn't want to work at things, we will absolutely not supply goodies for him. If there are suggestions as to how to get through to him, please let me know. Because I don't want him to end up a statistic just like the rest of his brother's and sister.

And that is where he is headed. Trust me. They are doing MAP testing right now at the schools. Sam is testing in at 208 and he is proud of that. Today I learned that he is testing in at a 2nd grade level. And that upset me. I was almost in tears. How could Amory let a child down like this? She let down 5 children, but this is by far the worst I have seen of these children. He is in 9th grade and my 3rd grader is smarter than he is. How unfair is that? Seriously?

OK, as for myself I need to get off here and get my homework done. As soon as I get things squared away, I sink again. So tonight I have a ton of stuff to finish for Saturday class. Yes, you read that correctly. I have school Monday through Saturday.